Smiles on Skiles 22J058 Joint Agenda 2021-09-12
SMILE Hearts for Campus - Masks 22J031 Joint Agenda 2021-07-29
SMILE Storage Unit Supplemental 22J014 Joint Agenda 2021-07-25
SMILE Hearts for Campus Supplies 22J008 Joint Agenda 2021-07-11
SMILE Beginning of Year Expenses 22J001 Joint Agenda 2021-07-01
SMILE Finals Encouragement Bags Joint Authored 2021-04-20
Finals Encouragement Video - Props 21J163 Joint Agenda 2021-04-18
Supplemental Funding - SMILE Storage Unit 21J162 Joint Agenda 2021-04-17
SMILE Finals Encouragement Video 21J164 Joint Agenda 2021-04-12
SMILE Storage Unit 21J156 Joint Agenda 2021-04-09
SMILE High Five World Record 21J122 Joint Agenda 2021-02-28
March Gladness Funding Request 21J117 Joint Agenda 2021-02-16
SMILE Encouragement World Record 21J087 Joint Agenda 2021-01-16
Finals Encouragements Bags & Give Thanks Events 21J075 Joint Passed 2020-11-01
Positivity Pumpkins 21J062 Joint Passed 2020-10-05
Funding for Envelopes (Library Storage) 21J043 Joint Passed 2020-09-21
SMILE Funding Request #2 21J031 Joint Passed 2020-09-14
SMILE Funding Request - Fall #1 21J026 Joint Passed 2020-08-17
SMILE Storage Unit Joint Created
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