Airsoft Club at Georgia Tech



Fall 2021 Airsoft Spending Bill 22J082 Joint Agenda 2021-09-12
Airsoft Club Storage Rental 21J048 Joint Passed 2020-09-24
Fall MilSim Registration Bill 20J094 Joint Passed 2019-09-25
Fall 2019 Airsoft Club Spending Bill 20J030 Joint Passed 2019-08-21
Airsoft Club 2019 Storage Rental Joint Awaiting Author 2019-04-15
TCA Operation Stonebreaker V & Coach's Salary 19J247 Joint Passed 2019-02-06
Airsoft Club Replica Requisition 19J143 Joint Passed 2018-11-01
Airsoft Club at Georgia Tech Speding Bill 2018 19J028 Joint Passed 2018-08-23
Field Fees, Coach's Salary, Travel to Event, BBs 18J156 Joint Passed 2018-01-14
TCA Operation Bone Strike, Club Replicas, BBs. 18J123 Joint Passed 2017-11-08
Field Fees, Club Storage Rental, BB Loaders, Equipment Parts 18J040 Joint Passed 2017-09-13
AMS Black Site 2017, Coach's Salary, Bio-BBs 18J062 Joint Passed 2017-09-13
Field fees, club storage, and BBs 17J140 Joint Passed 2017-01-17
Operation Stone Breaker 2017 17J088 Joint Passed 2016-11-01
Airsoft Supplies 17J025 Joint Passed 2016-09-07
Airsoft Club Locker Fee 17J009 Joint Passed 2016-08-30
Airsoft Club Field Fees 17J010 Joint Passed 2016-08-30
Operation: Faded Giant 5 17J011 Joint Passed 2016-08-30
End of semester off-site storage rental fees 16J234 Joint Passed 2016-03-31
Airsoft Supplies 16J219C Joint Passed 2016-03-12
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