Engineers Without Borders- Georgia Tech



EWB Malawi Phase 1 Corrections 23J871 Joint Failed 2023-03-30
EWB-GT Jamaica travel Joint Tabled 2019-11-06
EWB- GT Jamaica trip Undergraduate Tabled 2019-11-05
EWB-USA National Conference Attendance for EWB-GT Nicaragua 20J051 Joint Passed 2019-09-04
EWB-GT Malawi Assessment Trip 2019 20J040 Joint Passed 2019-08-28
Engineers Without Borders Nicaragua Stove Implementation Joint Authored 2019-03-05
EWB-USA Fall 2016 Southeast Regional Conference 17J030 Joint Failed 2016-09-06
Engineers Without Borders International Summit 2016 16J143 Joint Tabled 2016-01-26
Engineers Without Borders-Nicaragua Travel Funds 16J132 Joint Passed 2016-01-18
EWB-GT Field Day - WITHDRAWN 16J112 Joint Tabled 2015-11-09
Engineers Without Borders-Nicaragua Build Materials 16J092 Joint Passed 2015-10-19
Engineer Without Borders's Field Day Funding Request 15J072 Joint Failed 2014-10-19
Engineers Without Borders (EWB) National Conference 15J031 Joint Passed 2014-09-09
EWB-Cameroon August Implementation Trip 14J191 Joint Passed 2014-03-28
EWB-USA SE Region Camping Trip 14J151 Joint Failed 2014-02-16
Cookstoves Project 14J134 Joint Passed 2014-02-02
EWB-USA Southeast Regional Conference 14J037 Joint Passed 2013-09-04
EWB Cameroon May Assessment Trip 13J203 Joint Passed 2013-03-31
Navajo Nation Spring Break Assessment Trip 13J109 Joint Passed 2013-01-09
Engineers Without Borders Uganda Program Travel 13J088 Joint Failed 2012-10-29
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