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More Catalina Repairs 21J103 Joint Agenda 2021-01-25
Catalina 27 Trailer Rental and Repairs 21J069 Joint Passed 2020-10-25
J24 Mainsail 21J042 Joint Passed 2020-09-18
LLSC Dues/storage 21J027 Joint Passed 2020-08-22
SCOR Regatta Travel (Gas) 20J241 Joint Passed 2020-01-21
Airfare to Los Angeles/Sails and Furler 20J175 Joint Passed 2019-11-04
Small Keelboat Invitational at NAVY 20J058 Joint Passed 2019-09-09
LLSC Wet and Dry Dock Storage 20J009 Joint Passed 2019-08-19
Lake Lanier Sailing Club Membership Dues 20J008 Joint Passed 2019-08-19
Sail Graphics 20J007 Joint Passed 2019-08-19
Keelboat Maintenance 20J006C Joint Passed 2019-08-19
Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) Dues 20J005 Joint Passed 2019-08-19
US Sailing Dues 20J004 Joint Passed 2019-08-19
South Atlantic Interscholastic Sailing Association dues 20J003 Joint Passed 2019-08-19
J-24 Keelboat Repairs 19J248 Joint Passed 2019-02-07
New Set of Racing Sails 19J230 Joint Passed 2019-01-29
SAISA Match Racing Championship Travel 19J058 Joint Passed 2018-09-10
Sugar Bowl Regatta 19J012 Joint Passed 2018-08-22
GLIOR Regatta 19J011 Joint Passed 2018-08-17
President's Trophy Regatta 18J254 Joint Passed 2018-03-25
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