Ramblin' Raas



Ramblin' Raas Prop Expenses 19J252 Joint Passed 2019-02-13
Beat of Raas Registration and Travel Costs 19J170 Joint Passed 2018-11-19
Mania Registration and Travel Costs 19J169 Joint Passed 2018-11-19
Rangeelo Raas Registration and Travel Costs 19J171 Joint Passed 2018-11-19
Space City Raas Registration and Travel Costs 19J172 Joint Passed 2018-11-19
Tamasha Registration Fees 19J113 Joint Passed 2018-10-09
Ramblin’ Raas Season Expenses 18-19 19J035 Joint Passed 2018-09-05
Charm City Raas Registration and travel costs 18J145 Joint Passed 2017-12-05
Raas Rodeo Travel and Registration Costs 18J144 Joint Passed 2017-12-05
Miami Mayhem Registration and Travel Costs 18J143 Joint Passed 2017-12-05
Beat of Raas Registration and Travel Costs 18J136 Joint Passed 2017-11-17
Rangeelo Raas Registration and Travel Costs 18J074 Joint Passed 2017-10-09
Ramblin' Raas 17-18 Season Expenses 18J050 Joint Passed 2017-09-03
Raas Rave and Bhangra Blitz Travel and Fees 17J119 Joint Passed 2016-11-29
Charm City Raas Travel and Fees 17J110 Joint Passed 2016-11-27
Beat of Raas Travel and Fees 17J092 Joint Passed 2016-11-10
Raas Chaos Travel and Fees 17J071 Joint Passed 2016-10-17
Ramblin' Raas 16-17 Season Expenses 17J072 Joint Passed 2016-10-17
Georgia Tech Ramblin' Raas 14J098 Joint Passed 2013-11-16
Joint Allocation for A-Town Showdown 13J076 Joint Failed 2012-10-22
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