Qurbani - Registration Fees for Jazba Competition 19J203 Joint Passed 2019-01-17
Qurbani - Registration Fees for UGA India Night Competition 19J196 Joint Passed 2019-01-11
Qurbani Fall Competition Costs 19J093 Joint Passed 2018-10-09
GT Qurbani Costumes 19J057 Joint Tabled 2018-09-12
Qurbani - Bollywood National Championships 18J256 Joint Passed 2018-03-26
Raleigh Competition Costs 18J201 Joint Passed 2018-02-06
Qurbani Spring Competition Costs 18J141 Joint Passed 2017-11-29
University of Texas Jhalak Naitonal Dance Competition 18J077 Joint Passed 2017-10-11
Qurbani Costumes 18J025 Joint Passed 2017-09-07
Qurbani - Bollywood America National Dance Championships 17J231 Joint Passed 2017-03-26
Qurbani Spring Costs 17J120C Joint Passed 2016-12-30
GT Qurbani Texas Jhalak Dance Competition 17J053 Joint Passed 2016-10-04
GT Qurbani Costumes 17J027 Joint Passed 2016-08-25
GT Qurbani Costumes 16J084 Joint Passed 2015-10-19
GT Qurbani Spring 2015 15J107 Joint Passed 2015-01-19
Georgia Tech Qurbani for Texas Jhalak 15J021 Joint Passed 2014-09-22
Qurbani Bollywood America 2013 13J208 Joint Passed 2013-03-26
Qurbani Spring 2013 Competition Costs 13J137 Joint Passed 2013-01-28
Allocation to Qurbani for Competition Costs 13J073 Joint Passed 2012-10-19
Joint Allocation to Qurbani for A-Town Showdown 12J096 Joint Passed 2011-11-20
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