Caribbean Students Association



Cultural Food for BSO Thanksgiving 23J394 Joint Agenda 2022-11-07
ASA X CaribSA Valentines Day Mixer 22J351 Joint Agenda 2022-01-30
CaribSA Bob Day 22J350 Joint Agenda 2022-01-30
CaribSA with BSO Thanksgiving 22J214 Joint Agenda 2021-11-10
CaribSA Socasize 22J211 Joint Agenda 2021-11-02
CaribSA presents: The Return - The Homecoming Tailgate 2021 22J126 Joint Agenda 2021-10-04
CaribSA presents: Tailgating - The Homecoming Edition! 20J136 Joint Passed 2019-10-17
CaribSA Beach Day 19J300 Joint Passed 2019-03-13
Caribbean Student Association Conference Funding 17J184 Joint Passed 2017-02-13
J'Ouvert 17J183 Joint Passed 2017-02-12
Caribbean Student Association Conference Funding - WITHDRAWN 17J175 Joint Tabled 2017-02-03
Caribbean Expo 12J141 Joint Passed 2012-02-13
CaribSA - Homecoming Tailgate Joint Created
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