African American Student Union



Black History Month Lecture 22J254 Joint Agenda 2021-12-01
Black History Month Lecture Joint Awaiting Author 2021-11-29
African American Student Union Black History Month Lecture 21J102 Joint Agenda 2021-01-26
Onyx Ball Venue 20J232 Joint Passed 2020-01-07
Black History Month Speaker 20J233 Joint Passed 2020-01-07
AASU Onyx Ball 2019 19J194 Joint Passed 2019-01-14
AASU Black History Month Lecture Speaker Fee 19J193 Joint Passed 2019-01-14
AASU: Black History Month Keynote Speaker 18J151 Joint Passed 2018-01-09
AASU: Black Leadership Conference Speaker Fees 18J110 Joint Passed 2017-10-30
AASU Brand Tent and Tablecloth 18J114 Joint Passed 2017-10-30
Annual Black History Month Lecture 17J136 Joint Passed 2017-01-12
AASU presents the Black Leadership Conference 2016 17J038 Joint Passed 2016-09-11
Annual Black History Month Keynote Speaker 16J129 Joint Passed 2016-01-14
Black Leadership Conference (BLC 2015) 16J017C Joint Passed 2015-09-06
Black History Month Speaker: Dr. Marc Lamont Hill 15J102 Joint Passed 2015-01-25
Black Leadership Conference (BLC) 14J103 Joint Passed 2014-01-07
The Colored Museum 13J145 Joint Passed 2013-02-11
Joint Allocation for Onyx Ball Celebration 13J147 Joint Passed 2013-01-31
2012 Black Leadership Conference 12J104 Joint Passed 2012-01-13
Brand Materials for African American Student Union Joint Created
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