SGA Records

William Freeman Graduate Full-time MBA
Yueyi Sun Graduate Mechanical Engineering
Zihan Zhang Graduate PhD in Industrial Engineering
Ryan Ma Undergraduate IT Board Internal Tools
Gavin Gaude Undergraduate IT Board Internal Tools
Aanjan Sikal Undergraduate Undergraduate Student Body President
Tyler Katchen Undergraduate JVP IT
Haden Boone Graduate Graduate Student Body President
Jeffrey Fang Undergraduate Computer Science Representative
Dae’Shawn Taylor Undergraduate Speaker of the House
Pyae Su Graduate Graduate Senator
Noah Pastula Undergraduate Speaker of the House
Kelley Collier Undergraduate Senior Representative
Sultan Ziyad Undergraduate Civil Engineering Representative
Christian Worthen Graduate College of Computing
Maulishri Bhandari Graduate College of Computing
Roi Shlomi Graduate College of Computing
Yusuf Hashem Graduate College of Computing
Sandip Bose Graduate College of Computing
Sanyam Pandey Graduate Cybersecurity and Privacy
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