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The Historic Rama with Nilesh Oak 22J475 Joint Agenda 2022-03-11
Hindu YUVA Meditation Event 22J474 Joint Agenda 2022-03-11
Langar 2022 22J476 Joint Agenda 2022-03-15
Hindu YUVA Leadership Summit 23J081 Joint Passed 2022-08-12
Diwali with Adminstration 23J234 Joint Tabled 2022-09-26
Speaker on Campus: Celebration of Feminine Divine 23J233 Joint Tabled 2022-09-26
Diwali Fair 23J269 Joint Passed 2022-10-05
Diwali Fair Performances 23J311 Joint Passed 2022-10-20
Shivratri 23J511 Joint Passed 2023-01-13
Hindu YUVA National Leadership Training Camp 23J577 Joint Failed 2023-01-25
Holika Dahan 23J624 Joint Passed 2023-02-01
Ami Ganatra - Speaker on Campus 23J726 Joint Tabled 2023-02-20
Ami Ganatra - Speaker on Campus 23J725 Joint Passed 2023-02-20
Dharma Awareness Week -Ramayana Movie Showing 23J757 Joint Passed 2023-02-27
Dharma Awareness Week-Langar 23J765 Joint Passed 2023-02-28
Dharma Awareness Week- Guest Speaker 23J764 Joint Passed 2023-02-28
Dharma Awareness Week- Dharmic Traditions Day 23J763 Joint Passed 2023-02-28
Dharma Awareness Week-Puja 23J762 Joint Passed 2023-02-28
Southeast Hindu YUVA Leadership Retreat 23J848 Joint Agenda 2023-03-17
Devamrita Swami Talk Joint Awaiting Author 2023-05-17
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