National Pan-Hellenic Council



NPHC Storage Space Joint Awaiting Author 2023-05-16
2011 Homecoming Step Show 12J018 Joint Passed 2011-09-14
2012 NPHC Homecoming Step Show 13J055 Joint Passed 2012-10-07
National Pan Hellenic Council Homecoming Step Show 14J072 Joint Passed 2013-10-06
GT NPHC 11th Annual Homecoming Step Show 19J054 Joint Passed 2018-09-16
Permit NPHC to Use Funds Allocated to Greek ProgrammingBoard 20J286 Joint Agenda 2020-02-11
NPHC Line-Change Request 20J357 Joint Passed 2020-03-31
Greek Roll Call 22J538 Joint Passed 2022-04-18
GT NPHC Stepshow and Week 23J068 Joint Passed 2022-07-25
NPHC Storage Space 23J143 Joint Passed 2022-09-06
GT NPHC Week 23J518 Joint Agenda 2023-01-14
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