Presidents' Council Governing Board



Presidents' Council Constitution Amendment 12J132 Joint Passed 2012-02-11
Leadership & Civic Engagement Copier Funding 13J130 Joint Passed 2013-01-22
Organizational Office Lock Replacements 13J144 Joint Passed 2013-02-12
Up With the White and Gold Award Ceremony 13J154 Joint Passed 2013-02-21
Up With the White and Gold Award Ceremony 14J198 Joint Passed 2014-04-05
Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement Copier 15J006 Joint Passed 2014-08-21
Institute Salary Adjustments - PCGB 15J035 Joint Passed 2014-09-15
Presidents’ Council Governing Board - Registration Tent 19J174 Joint Tabled 2018-11-21
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